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Posted: 05/05/2015 - 9:56 am
My latest “Brick Wall”
Who are the parents of  Griffith J. Mayhew ?
Quite a few years ago I ran across a note in Roots Web, saying that Griffith (or Griffeth) Mayhew, was a son of Stanford and Mary (Tullis) Mayhew, and was born in Salem county, New Jersey, in 1808.
Stanford’s will, proved in 1822, does not mention him!!  
Back then I was naïve and new to genealogy and so just automatically thought that Griffith had pre-deceased his father.  
Just recently I was re-introduced to Griffith, only to find that he had actually died in the 1870’s, in Illinois!
Further, about 1830, he married Martha Ayars, a daughter of Lewis (b. 1776) and Rachel (Elwell) Ayars..
The census records show that he moved through Pennsylvania (in 1836) to Ohio, to Wisconsin and finally to Illinois.
His date of birth, 1808, places him in the same generation as that of “Indiana” John and his two sisters Naomi and Sally.  I don’t have proof of their parents either and have tentatively placed them with Stanford and Mary (Tullis) Mayhew
Not being a believer of the “long arm of coincidence“, especially in genealogy, I wonder if John, Naomi, Sally and Griffith really are siblings and that I have all 4 placed with the wrong parents.
Any ideas would be more than welcome.