Killingsworths in the late 1600s

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Killingsworths in the late 1600s
Posted: 03/04/2015 - 1:39 pm
Query from Bob Peterson:
"I hope you can help with some questions we have regarding my wife's direct ancestor, Anthony Killingsworth. He is her 8X great grandfather. Our information is that he died in Salem, NJ on 12/18/1688. We do not have an actual record of that death, but this was part of a large research project conducted by my wife's aunt. It actually shows that Anthony christened his children at their church,  St John's in Cranford, England, Northhampton County (at least some of them, William, Lucia and Levy).
"The next generation of my wife's line of Killingsworths moved to VA, then NC, then GA. Many of the names are the same (William, John, Freeman, Matthew) which makes it confusing.
"Anyway, we are trying to find out whatever we can about Anthony in New Jersey: Is there really evidence of his death on that date and if so, where? Did he immigrate from England directly to NJ? Are any of his children (William, Levy, Thomas, John Lucia, or his wife, Anne), also buried in Salem?"
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