Wick Family

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Wick Family
Posted: 07/12/2014 - 4:28 pm
Query from Beth Wick Hood:
"I am trying to locate a Mr. Charles Thorpe. It seems he and I share some common ancestry in Wick lineage according to a fellow ancestry.com member, and he has the documentation to prove it, as she does not.
"I had become very jammed on the brothers John N Wick b.1807 NJ m. Elizabeth Eldridge and Andrew Jackson Wick b. 1825 NJ m. Rachel Downs, plus two other wives including his brother's son's widow. My ancestry friend tells me that Jacob Wick b.1783 NJ m Mary Magdalene Rammel is their father but has no documentation as she did not think that was something to keep records on in her early years of digging up the dead. She had received most of her info from Mr. Charles Thorp of the Gloucester County Historical Society. I contacted them, they are telling me they do not have a current address on him. I was wondering if you somehow did? As genealogists you would know the frustration of being stuck and not being able to find records to get you into the previous generation.
"This is my maiden name, it would be wonderful to find out who the Wick's were, where they came from and why. Apparently Mr. Thorpe is a descendant of John N Wick and I am a descendant of the brother, Andrew Jackson Wick. Mr. Thorpe has the documentation that ancestry.com is so sadly lacking in. Thanks so much!"
Contact Beth Wick Hood at bethbob@myedl.com