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Members search the internet for ancestorsListed below are some links to historical societies, records repositories, historic maps, genealogy websites, research helps, and anything else that may help you in your search for your family history! Please let us know if any of the links do not work or if you have suggestions of sites to add to the list. If you are a member, feel free to post on the discussion forum in Website Suggestions, or contact us by email. We hope these links help you make more connections in your family tree!
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This map is available for free at the Library of Congress website. It labels the landholders' names, allowing researchers to pinpoint where their ancestors lived.
Reproductions of this atlas, which includes the landholders' names, are also available for sale from the Cumberland County Historical Society in Greenwich.
This excellent resource includes maps of each township with the landholders' names labelled. The atlas is also available to browse at the Salem County Historical Society and many other historical societies.
This map pairs with the 1913 Farm Directory, which is available for free online at www.distantcousin.com/Directories/NJ/SalemCounty/1913/. Essentially the same as a telephone directory, this lists the heads of households, names of spouses, number of children, occupation, location of home (when matched to the numbers on the map), etc. An excellent resource.
Dozens of maps of New Jersey, particularly South Jersey, are available for free on this website.
This amazing resource allows the researcher to view New Jersey landscapes from aerial photographs taken decades ago! It is similar to a Google satellite image, but from as far back as 1930 and other decades. Use the slider option to compare the changes in a location from one decade to another.
The maps available on the Library of Congress website are all available for free viewing. There are maps from all over the country.
This site includes images of many maps from both New Jersey and throughout the world. Many of them include the names of landholders, thus helping identify where ancestors may have lived. However, this website does charge to download or order a print of a map.
This Excel index sheet provides links to the Sanborn Insurance maps of towns in New Jersey organized by county.